The Eternal Search For The Spherical Cookie: The Beginning

Autumn: Our writing journey first began in 8th grade with a crantakerous english teacher who reminded us of an angry leprauchan. He would throw everything we wrote out while screaming “plan your work and work your plan!” A key part of this successful plan-work-work-plan was proper organization. And that’s really where you could say this whole thing started. In the middle of the semester, Cadey was in desperate need of help organizing her binder. Like her current mother-in-law who she now teases, she was showing the beginning signs of hoarding (I take credit for saving her from that darkness). She was in need of organization, and I was in need of a home-cooked meal (Cadey: keep in mind that to Autumn a sit down dinner with candles was macaroni and cheese from the box and her oft stated favorite dinner is microwave roast beef – we will let you decide who needed to be saved more!). So we swapped. Cadey, AKA Betty Crocker, was shocked and appaled by my total lack of cooking skill.

Cadey: Autumn is what we would call domestically disabled. The first time we ever got together to make Christmas cookies my little sister (4 at the time) had to oversee her because she had started to pack the flour like you would brown sugar. Eventually she began to improve and over the years has progresed from merely rolling out the sugar cookies to making whole batches of them by herself (I am so proud!). And now we are both required to have cookie baking supervision because of the Christmas 2011 debacle in which we overindulged and made about 8 batches of cookies … That brings us to this past Christmas (2012). When making plans for our cookie baking extravaganza Autumn asked, nonchalantly, if I had ever heard of or knew how to make sphericle cookies.

Autumn: This idea came to me suddenly. How satisfying would it be to eat a spherical cookie? No, not a cake pop, not a brownie pop. I wanted a “pop” with the consistency of a cookie. But more importantly, I wanted to take those spherical cookies and stack them on top of eachother to make SNOWMEN. SPHERICAL COOKIE SNOWMEN. Bam. Culinary achievement.

Cadey: This was before cake pops became the most pinned desert for graduation/showers/anniversary/birthday parties and before the inention of cake pop electric bakers …. that is not what we are looking for. We want a cookie, not a cake. Thus began my search for a spherical cookie recipe and continued with a really awful tasting mexican wedding cake cookie (I blame my mother and her almonds of suspicious and inderminate age). Although the mexican wedding cookies did not satisfy we came to the realization that the search for the ultimate spherical cookie is more than just looking for the perfect recipe…

Autumn:…it’s the search for enlightenment. It’s the ultimate culmination of a culinary feat. It’s the discovery of uncharted territory, the joy of the journey, and sweet, perfect, joy of eating a spherical cookie. That moment when you bite into a dessert so perfect that the world falls away and you wonder how anything else can compare. Enlightenment. And thus began our journey. We would search for the spherical cookie, and along the way, we would blog about our culinary mishaps in the kitchen and their relevance to current political affairs with biting wit and sarcasm.

Disclaimer: As two young intellectuals with a passion for bull shit, somewhat disillisioned by life, and commited to saving the world on a budget we want you to know that this blog is purely our sarcastic ramblings and does not relflect the beliefs, ideologies, mantras, and doctrines we hold … well not all of them.

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If my life were a photo…

This would be it…



Now let’s look at this picture. Like my life, this picture is filled with all the right tools and all the right intentions and yet it simply…falls flat. I had everything I need to get the job done: the right tools (car and bike, check) and the right motivation (gettin’ fit). It was a beautiful day and I was filled with Olympic inspiration to pack up my bike and hit the trails. Similar to graduation. Another beautiful day where I seemingly had all the right tools (education, experience, internships, resume) and the right motivation (gettin’ a job) and yet…it falls flat. This is my life in a photo. 


And where is this bike now? It’s still in my car. I managed to shove it backwards and shut the door. The bike has gone everywhere with me, to my sister’s house, to church. And that’s when I realized another great lesson. How many times have you been driving around and seen someone with something really, really cool in their car? Like a bike or a bunch of luggage or an exotic bird (kidding). But really…we’ve all had that moment. You walk past someone and you’re instantly jealous of their life because they look like they’re about to go do somethign grand and exciting while you’re on your way home to your parent’s basement. Do not be fooled, small children. Next time you feel this tinge of jealousy, remember…it’s probably just stuck. 

The 5 Assholes You’ll Date in College

1: The Homeschooled Jesus Freak

 Otherwise Known As: The Homeschooler, The Innocent One, Prophet of our Time

Potential Characteristics: attended a homeschool co-op, only listens to Christian music, carries his Bible everywhere, instead of a date asks you to church, thinks he’s at college to convert people not study, thinks he is God’s favorite man but is too ‘humble’ to admit it, attends a liberal arts college, Mama’s boy, wants to be ‘different’

Most Common Heard Phrase in this relationship: You really believe that?

Average Length of relationship: 2 Weeks

Average Length of time to get over breakup: 2 minutes

I struggled over what to name this character, since as a Christian myself, I worry over the connotations of ‘Jesus Freak.’ But really, there is just no better way to describe him. So think of him as the better combination of DC Talk’s ‘Jesus Freak’ (don’t pretend you didn’t think that song was the shiz as a 10 year old) and your top two worst mental images of the word Jesus Freak. Give him a little credit, but a lot of caution.

Here’s how this relationship works. You usually start out as ‘just friends.’ This self-described JF will inevitably use his friend group as the browsing grounds for potential mates. He will hide behind the phrase ‘I just want to be friends’ until he is has found his prey and is ready to pounce. Your first ‘date’ will most likely be a walk around campus.

Ladies, watch out. From this relationship you will learn that any and every topic can be related back to Jesus and your moral stance. It will make your head swirl. Here’s a great example from a real life homeschooled JF that I dated. Yes.

Girl: Hey, I’m going to see that new movie about George W. Bush that just came out. Would you like to go with me?

Boy: You’re seriously going to watch that?

Girl: Yes…

Boy: You’re seriously going to pay for a ticket to watch that?

Girl: Again…yes.

Boy: Don’t you believe that abortion is wrong?

Girl: ….

Boy: I mean isn’t that entire movie about bringing down your opinion of George Bush? And making sure you don’t support him anymore?

Girl: I mean—

Boy: You’re just giving power to the pro-choice movement by seeing that film. If you mock him, you’re just mocking what he stands for. And what he stands for is morality, and republicanism, and the right to life.

Girl: Well, it’s a political farce about his handling of the Iraq War…I’m pretty sure abortion has nothing to do with it.

Boy: Well now you’re just being a moral relativist.

Girl: What?

Boy: If you go see that movie, you’re basically paying for someone’s abortion. You’re publically declaring that you don’t think Bush is doing a good job in office right now, and if you don’t stand by him then you don’t stand by the pro-life movement. And I just can’t be with someone who thinks that way.

Like I said, mind spinning. You will literally have no idea how you got into that conversation, let alone how you are now being accused of supporting abortion. You’ll go on a lot of group dates during this time. And you’ll get in a lot of theological arguments that unfortunately never lead to hot makeout sessions (boo). The good side of that is that you’ll be forced to think on your feet, and you’ll have a permanent store of answers for the next time you’re trapped in a theological debate.

Now, the most important person in this world to Homeschooled JF will be his mother. This is a hurdle for most of us girls. Unfortunately, that mother will always see you as the enemy. There is really no getting over this. Until the day you pop out a perfect blond-haired baby that looks just like hers on, she will doubt whether you are of any use to her son. My advice on dealing with mamma’s boys is just not to bring the topic up. And should you ever be in the same room as her, just always picture her as a pastor’s wife and your decorum will be sure to be appropriate.

Fortunately, this relationship will come to an end. And as a fair warning, 95% of the time it will be over a religious issue. So, here are some tips for you girls.

Signs this relationship is ending: “I was talking to my mom….” “How do you feel about homeschooling our…your children?” “I think God put you in my life for a reason.”

Classic Homeschooled JF break-up line: “I just can’t be your Jesus.”

Fast ways to get out of this relationship: Carry a Catechism around

Break-up song to help you get over it: Just turn on the radio to anything but the Christian station and you’ll instantly feel alive again.


2. The Overly Invested Puppy Dog

Otherwise Known As: The Stalker, The Well-Meaning One

 Potential Characteristics: Health condition, lack of male friends, lack of father figure, mamma’s boy, Methodist, drinks Sprite, owns more polo shirts than a sorority girl, Velcro wallet, missing balls, stalker

Most Common Heard Phrase in this relationship: “I can change.”

Average Length of relationship: Too long

Average Length of time to get over breakup: .2 seconds

It’s a sad, sad time to be dating in this world. I know that most of us are mourning the lack of jobs, the lack of reliable political figures, or the lack of religiosity, but let’s focus on what’s really important. The lack of men.

Now I have a tendency, it’s true, to accidentally run over people who don’t have spines (metaphorically, dipshit. I’m not running over handicap people with my car). I just can’t help it. They’re just so whiney and annoying and they never stand up for themselves. It’s so annoying. That is the OIPD in one word—spineless.

The most annoying part of dating an OIPD is just how much he’ll actually love you. His very smiles will begin to annoy you. You’ll wish he didn’t think everything you did was so perfect and cute. You’ll actually begin to purposely try to do things you would never, ever do just to piss him off. He will call you non-stop to check on where you are, but not in the overly possessive way. It’s like an unexplainable soft, overly-possessive way. Like a stalker wrapped in glitter wrapped in tulle trying to give you a lollipop way. If he calls and you’re out with your girlfriends, he won’t even be jealous. He’ll just ask if there’s anything that you guys need. More wine? A DD? A chick flick? Starbucks? Tampons?

A classic sign that you’re dating an OIPD is his high level of involvement with your friends. When you skip the cafeteria dinner, he will still sit with them. He will know their boyfriend problems, their best friend problems, and their girl drama before you do. He will be their go-to male opinion.

When you try to break up with him, he will convince you that he can change—just give him another chance! This is the most infuriating part. Because really, he doesn’t need to change. He’s perfect, just not for you. He’s romantic and cuddly and sweet, but he’s just too much sweet for you. The saddest part is when he simply won’t let you break up with him, and before you know it, you’ve been won over by his puppy dog eyes and are dating for another two weeks. Girls, if you’re in this relationship, just end it. It’s sad to watch it keep going around. Let him go be a good boyfriend to someone who will appreciate his mushy heart.

Signs this relationship is ending: Whenever one of your friends says “I’m just gonna text your boyfriend and ask him his opinion on ________. He always knows what boys are thinking!”

Classic Overly-Invested Puppy Dog break-up line: Girl, he will never break up with you, therefor he doesn’t have a classic line

Fast ways to get out of this relationship: Just end it. Quickly.

Break-up song to help you get over it: “I’m Still a Guy” by Brad Paisley


3. The Heartbreaker

 Otherwise Known As: The Serious Boyfriend, The “One,” Teddy Bear

Potential Characteristics: Jock, hates mushrooms, suspiciously single, loves dogs, calls his grandparents weekly, from Ohio, history of dating girls who turn out to be lesbians, suspicious lack of enemies, rational, likes girly television shows

Most Common Heard Phrase in this relationship: “I just want to make you happy.”

Average Length of relationship: 1 year

Average Length of time to get over breakup: 1 month for every “tradition” you shared, or ¾ the length of the relationship

Well, ladies, it’s that time. The #3 spot on the 5 assholes you’ll date in college goes to the much anticipated, always regretted: Heartbreaker. After dating some JFs and some OIPDs, you’ll finally run across him—usually at a party or on a porch while chilling with some friends. And your first thought will be: “He’s so normal!” After JFs and OIPDs, this boy is going to seem like a gift wrapped by God himself with a large blinking light. He will be sweet, but not overly sweet. Religious, but not beating himself (or yourself) with a Bible. You will be stunned by just how very normal he is after all the weird people you dated.

You’ll be in a daze. It will be everything you ever dreamed of, and every country song will suddenly apply to your life. Cloud nine will be your new residence. You will have more fights than are normal, but you won’t notice. Your girlfriends will assure you that normal couples fight, and that’s what makes your relationship grow stronger.

You’ll meet families, kiss all the time, make your first batch of cookies for a boy and even carve your first “couple’s pumpkin.” Classic signs that you’re dating a Heartbreaker is when everything either becomes a “First” or a “Tradition.” First pumpkin, first dance, first holiday, first anniversary, first 2 month anniversary, first 3 month anniversary. Hey ladies, guess what? It’s also your last 2 month anniversary. It’s both your first, and your last….so stop counting.

The “traditions” are what will kill ya. Please, for the love of God, limit your traditions. The number of TV shows you watch together, the restaurant you go to for date night every week, and every other weird couple thing you only do with each other will become a tradition. So limit them. Because when you break up, those traditions will be haunting nightmares. Personally, I think a good average is that every tradition you share amounts to one month of time to get over in the breakup. So limit them. Because I can tell you from experience, catching up on three months worth of the Kardashians, Revenge, and Community is a bitch. (Also, why would you ever trust a boy who is watching the Kardashians with you? Seriously? Take a hint. There is something real wrong here).

Anyways. Back to the story. You’ll be inseparable. You’ll talk about getting engaged. You might even actually get engaged (hopefully not). And then wham. Without warning. It will end. Sorry, hun. Most people say we all have to experience one great heartbreak in our life in order for us to appreciate real love when we find it. Whatever.

Now, I can’t tell you that my personal breakup with the Heartbreaker taught me to appreciate true love. Maybe yours will. What I can tell you, however, is that it taught me an even more important lesson that I will carry with me for the rest of my life: If a man at any point in his life has ever dated a woman who then turned into a lesbian, DO. NOT. DATE. HIM.


I like to call this “part-time lesbian problems.” Here’s the deal. Once a man has had a girl date him and then be like ‘eh, I think I like women’….there’s just no going back. He will be permanently fixed on switching her back. It’s a male pride thing, I guess. They just can’t handle that a woman would rather kiss another woman than them. And hunny, you ain’t ever gonna get over that. So just stay away from them. That will be their fixation, and nothing you do will be able to stop that. So, watch out for the part-time lesbians. Heads up: they’re usually softball players, gym teachers, or from Ohio.

Signs this relationship is ending: Sudden “depression,” “work homework,” (I’m sorry…but what job gives you homework?) or if he says he “accidentally dialed his mom’s number instead of yours”

Classic Heartbreaker break-up line: “I don’t deserve you. You’re just too good for me.”

Fast ways to get out of this relationship: Talk about your need for a promise ring

Break-up song to help you get over it: “Sail” by AWOL Nation; “Undo It” by Carrie Underwood; “Wide Awake” by Katy Perry. DO NOT LISTEN TO ADELE.


4. The Alpha Male

Otherwise Known As: The Rebound, The Hottest Guy You Know

 Potential Characteristics: Frat boy, found at the gym, only eats protein powder, originally began as a rebound, good kisser, uses the phrase ‘casual monogamous relationship’ a lot, speaks multiple languages, immensely patriotic, likes Greek yogurt more than a sorority girl, has mono

Most Common Heard Phrase in this relationship: “I don’t think we need titles to define what we have here”

Average Length of relationship: What relationship?

Average Length of time to get over breakup: What break-up?

The AM usually starts as a rebound from the Heartbreaker. Alpha Males are exactly that…very….male. Remember when we were mourning the loss of men earlier as we dated an OIPD? Well, you found one. He will work out, have an intense sense of ‘duty,’ and be overly patriotic. He will even like babies. You’re going to be freaked out.

Now, for sorority girls or girls looking to ‘casually date,’ this is your perfect option. He will always understand when you have sorority stuff to do or would rather hang out with your sisters because let’s face it, he’d rather hang out with his bros too. A classic sign you’re dating an AM is when you catch yourself actually having fun dating. You won’t be arguing about theology, you won’t be stabbing your eyes out because he follows you like a puppy dog, and you won’t be arguing. This relationship will be characterized by something even more mind-blowing then the theological example in #1: calmness.

For girls, this is the kiss of death. When something is calm, we freak out. Surely there must be a hidden fetish? A secret girlfriend? A dead body under his couch? Why is he so chill?!?!?! Ladies. Chill. Enjoy. Don’t over question.

The best thing I can tell you that comes from dating an AM is that you will learn that boys really don’t like to play games and that if they want or need something, they will straight up tell you. If they don’t want to watch that movie, they will tell you—don’t ask twice. If they are mad at you, they will tell you. If they’re silent, they’re just being silent. Sometimes, the honesty of an Alpha Male border on rude. Especially to girls, because we are just really not used to this.

Take advantage of this unique relationship to be yourself. Really. What? I know. There’s a unique aspect to this relationship that allows you this freedom. It comes from knowing this: You will never marry the alpha male. Trust me, ladies, he’s got a whole lot of villages to go plunder and terrorists to shoot before he’s ready for marriage. He is literally your knight in shining armor, but the part they don’t tell you in the fairy tales is that those knights had to go out and pillage a lot of lands to A) get rid of all that alpha male energy and B) even get that shiny armor in the first place before they were ready to swoop up their princess. But they skip that part in the fairy tales because eh, it’s boring (I’m bored already).

So back to the point. Take advantage of this! Do you know how much freedom this brings you? Ladies, it’s insane. It’s like the freedom you feel taking your bra off every night. Instant relief. You can be yourself. And, it’s baggage-free. Usually, because these relationships are short. There’s not enough time to drag out your past relationship scars, daddy/mommy/divorce issues, neurotic tendencies, and phobias. So just relax and enjoy. Rent the movies you actually want to rent, feel free to turn down his restaurant option, and eat more than salad in front of him. Ladies, dig it, it’s awesome.

But true to Alpha Male form, the break up will suck. Remember when I said they’re straight to the point? Yeah. That means that when they don’t want to see you, they just won’t answer the phone anymore. No gushy goodbye talk or last hug. It’ll just be over. So, take it for what it’s worth and don’t expect anything more. If you’re reading this right now while currently ‘dating’ an AM, that’s the best advice I can give you: don’t expect anything. Take every minute for exactly what it is.

Signs this relationship is ending: Graduation

Classic Heartbreaker break-up line: Unreturned phone call

Fast ways to get out of this relationship: Talk about your need to Define the Relationship

Break-up song to help you get over it: “Riding Solo” by Jason DeRulo


5. Yourself

Potential Characteristics: Single, confused, female

Most Common Heard Phrase in this relationship: “Should I buy the white wine or the red wine tonight?”

Average Length of relationship: Your entire life

Average Length of time to get over breakup:

Embrace it. You won’t be single forever. So do what you want to do. Eat cookie dough without shame, buy yourself wine, have fun doing things that you want to do. And during this, you’re going to learn the most important lesson: every single part of you is desirable. And the right man will take and love all of it. Be comfortable with yourself, and you’ll realize how much you’re worth. You’re worth everything. You’re beautiful and smart and funny and fun.

So date yourself, and get to know yourself. Because after that, no relationship will be the same.

Be confident, and the rest will fall in line. You have all your life to date your husband and do his laundry and accept his Valentine’s day presents, but you only have a little bit to play by yourself.

You are the hero of your own story.

Signs this relationship is ending: Death

Classic Heartbreaker break-up line: —-

Fast ways to get out of this relationship: Chain smoking, incessant tanning, or skydiving without a parachute

Break-up song to help you get over it: —-