If my life were a photo…

This would be it…



Now let’s look at this picture. Like my life, this picture is filled with all the right tools and all the right intentions and yet it simply…falls flat. I had everything I need to get the job done: the right tools (car and bike, check) and the right motivation (gettin’ fit). It was a beautiful day and I was filled with Olympic inspiration to pack up my bike and hit the trails. Similar to graduation. Another beautiful day where I seemingly had all the right tools (education, experience, internships, resume) and the right motivation (gettin’ a job) and yet…it falls flat. This is my life in a photo. 


And where is this bike now? It’s still in my car. I managed to shove it backwards and shut the door. The bike has gone everywhere with me, to my sister’s house, to church. And that’s when I realized another great lesson. How many times have you been driving around and seen someone with something really, really cool in their car? Like a bike or a bunch of luggage or an exotic bird (kidding). But really…we’ve all had that moment. You walk past someone and you’re instantly jealous of their life because they look like they’re about to go do somethign grand and exciting while you’re on your way home to your parent’s basement. Do not be fooled, small children. Next time you feel this tinge of jealousy, remember…it’s probably just stuck. 


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