The Top 5 Most Awkward Times to Say YOLO

In an effort to prevent any more people tattooing YOLO on their body (we’re lookin’ at you, Zac Efron), my friend and I decided to say it at any and all times possible in which it was awkward, uncalled for, inappropriate or otherwise misused. This phrase needs to recognize the end has come, and politely bow out. So join me in reading the top 8 most awkward times to say YOLO.

1. When you’re changing a baby’s diaper.

2. When your friend tells you they just finished an all-night marathon of anything on ABC Family

3. When your boyfriend doesn’t say anything when you ask him to go pick up tampons for you.

4. When you see your friend from high school who is still working at McDonald’s…seven years later.

5. When you’re a broke post-grad and the only thing in your entire fridge is a half-empty (-full?) bottle of wine.

There ya go folks. Funnier ones to come…maybe? Cade and I have some great posts coming too, so keep your eye out for more of the Eternal Search for the Spherical Cookie!! xoxo.


One thought on “The Top 5 Most Awkward Times to Say YOLO

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