Moving on…


Moving on...


Review Extravaganza Part 3 & 4

Linking up with the wonderful woman over at the Johanson Journey for the Review Extravangaza! If you missed it, check out Part One and Part Two. This link up has been an amazing reminder to celebrate my small achievements in life. This year has been rocky, to say the least, and while I for one cannot wait to send it on it’s way…this little project has been a good time to remind myself that there’s still beauty in the darkness, if you just look for it. 



spent lots more time in the sunshine, reading, playing with my nieces and just generally trying to be tan. started this blog with my first ever post: The 5 Assholes You’ll Date in College (still my favorite to this day). spent more time being frustrated than i should’ve.



In the span of 48 hours I: interviewed, flew out for a second interview, accepted my first “big-girl” job offer and found a roommate. Whirlwind? Absolutely. 




I moved to Saint Louis, which as I sit on my family’s couch back in Michigan…I have to admit is growing on me. I started my first big girl job. Struggled to assemble shelves and other SWF problems. 


Though I hate to admit it…I live in a beautiful place.



started really getting to know my coworkers and having fun at work. started attending a book club. celebrated halloween– tacky Pi Phi prom style. went to homecoming with my best friend–completing 18/20 of the “Top 20 things to do on your first trip back to homecoming as an alumnae” list that we composed. 


Missourah wineries with the Pi Phi alum club definitely helped me like MO more 😉




home is wherever i’m with you…and all that cheesy shit.


thanksgiving? kept enjoying the beautiful things STL has to offer–there are a surprising lot. my favorite of the month was probably this dive bar I found on Broadway. It looked like the sketchiest shit possible and I was scared for my life (legit) as I crossed the parking lot. But once inside–ADORABLE. It was decorated in true STL/NOLA style with fleur de lis, alligators, mardi gras and creole decorations everywhere. a jazz band plaid out back. christmas light were hanging everywhere and the food was the most amazing creole delights to hit my lips. YUMM!




CHRISTMAS! Oh, and who could forget my absolute wonderful trip to the University of Alabama for work?!?!! I LOVED getting to see the beautiful campus, and the GIANT Greek houses. 







Thanks for readying, y’all! Be sure to visit the Johanson Journey and link up as well! Happy New Year–we’re almost there!!!!





5 Reasons to Kick Assholes to the Curb

That’s right ladies, I’m preaching it. And as a hard-core bad-boy junkie now recovered–it’s my right. And you need to hear it. Most girls go through it, and if they’re lucky it’s just a phase. As much as I love assholes for the blog material they provide, I’m kicking my bad habit to the curb. I deserve better, and you deserve better. So here’s the top 5 reasons you should stop dating assholes:



Sure, an asshole will get you drunk and make sure you have a good time…for an hour or two. But a nice boy will make sure you have a good time AND that you don’t have a hangover the next day. That’s like returning 8 hours of your life to you that you would spend remorseful, hungover, sleeping and depressed at your poor life choices.



Because you deserve this:

“Soldier” by Gavin DeGraw…if you haven’t heard it yet…do yourself a favor and listen…

And not this:

“Better with the Lights off”




You deserve this:

handwritten letters

and not this:




You deserve pictures of this in your inbox:


and not this:

Fish they just killed…

(That’s a true story right there guys. I really did have an ex who would send me pictures of every single fish he caught. Sweet, but…you know, I like fur to scales…)




You deserve this:

Flowers at work!

Flowers at work!

Not this:

A giant bar tab….


Do it ladies! Life is short, don’t waste your time on people who don’t appreciate all your awesomeness and quirkiness.