It’s Ok Thursdays…

It’s ok…

…if your mental health break for the day is looking up pictures of cats in Christmas trees.

…to yell at the characters on TV as if you could really prevent them from making these awful mistakes that they actually filmed three months ago.

…to hate your cubicle. Or to use your cubicle walls as defense mechanisms so you don’t have to talk to other people in the mornings.

…to appreciate God’s finest creations AKA eye-candy.

…to hate Taylor Swift and think she breeds bad grammar and poor self-esteem for young girls.

…to take time out of your day just to get ORGANIZED.

…to love every single school supply you see.

…to buy a Christmas present for yourself.

…to daydream of the day that you’ll be able to eat greasy, greasy bar food every night of your life with no shame, judgement or weight gain.

Join the link up over at ACWOM “It’s OK Thursdays”! What are your favorite guilty pleasures you plan on indulging in this weekend??


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