Random Wednesdays: TayTay, Leggings and Waking Up

Taylor Swift is ruining the world by…

1. One Grammatically Incorrect Song at a Time. Ever notice that Taylor’s grammar gets worse in each song? She used to use full sentences and paint pictures of Romeo and Juliet running away, meeting in the woods, asking for her father’s bless. Then her vocab shrunk and the chorus grew to be repeated an absurd amount of times. Then it shrunk further and she could only start repeating words (i.e. never, ever, ever, ever). And now, she’s taken to only repeating syllables (i.e. take a listen to her new “Trouble”).

2. Perpetuating Stupidity. Taylor’s constant strive to be a “country artist” mirrors our nations’ problem of teaching our children that they can “be anything they want to be!” Taylor, none of your music is country. So please, stick to what you do best and get off of my country music awards show. You can be a great pop star, really…but you will never, ever, ever be a country artist.

3. “Shame on Me” Really? Really, TayTay? This comes from her newest song, “Trouble,” where she croons in her obnoxious cantdecidedifimcountryrockerorpop voice “I knew you were trouble when you walked in, so shame on me.”  Why are you perpetuating the stereotype that everything is the girl’s fault? This is just ridiculous. I would not want my young daughter (if I had one) listening to this. This is bullshit and it just rubs me the wrong way, like the arguments from boys that “she wanted it” or “she shouldn’t have dressed that way.” Sure, girls should say no. But–to say it’s fully our fault and responsibility–God, TayTay, you CrayCray.



One of the greatest parts of working in nonprofit? No one argues the fact that leggings can be considered “business casual.” Loves it.

Waking up…

is hard to to. Harder than breaking up. Every morning waking up is like being painfully pulled from the warm cocoon of my bed to the harsh cold world of reality. It sucks. I hate it. But what I don’t understand is–I have been waking up every single morning of my life (obviously), how am I still not used to it and how does it still suck so much??? You would think that if you did something 8,030 times, no matter how much you hated it, you would become numb/immune/habituated right? But no. Waking up sucks, every time.

Work lunches…

Supposed to take the new girl out to lunch today. I am trying to convince my coworker that we should tell her we’re going to our favorite place, talk it up–and then sit down at McDonald’s like it’s the most normal thing in the world.

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3 thoughts on “Random Wednesdays: TayTay, Leggings and Waking Up

  1. Now, AH, I am a big T-Swift fan, but I do have to express a general “meh” about her new album. OTHER THAN THE SONG WITH GARY LIGHTBODY FROM SNOW PATROL. I could probably listen to Fearless/Speak Now on repeat for days, though. Judge me.

  2. Haha I love your McDonald’s idea! As a consultant, that happens to my coworkers and me sometimes. A chapter member will be so excited about taking us to “this really cool place,” and it will be Subway or Panera or Chili’s. I love all those places, but do they realize they are chains? Lol thanks for finding my blog so I could find yours! 🙂

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