Super Bowl Sunday Funday

happy super bowl everyone!!! Let us both celebrate the chance to eat, drink, mingle and watch football as well as mourn the fact that this is the last day of football season.


In my Super Bowl spirit, I have made the following today: pot roast, Walnut Whiskey Blondies and Chili Cheese Dip. I am going to stuff my face. And cheer as loud as I can at the same time.

Whiskey Walnut blondies...coming right up!

Whiskey Walnut blondies…coming right up!

















I. Love. Football. In case you hadn’t noticed.

And of course even if you don’t like football, if you’re American you must love Super Bowl Sunday commercials. Here’s a recap of my favorite Super Bowl commercial ever.

“It’s the hottest fires that make a heart of steel…THAT’S WHO WE ARE. THAT’S OUR STORY.” Best advertising campaign ever. A commercial that didn’t just sell you something, but revitalized and energized an entire city and state. We are Detroit. We are Michigan.

And one day…we’ll be in the Super Bowl and Eminem will be our halftime show. Just kidding.


Have a wonderful Super Bowl Sunday!!!


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