Dear crazy bitch who took my engagement ring

Dear crazy bitch who took my engagement ring:


Thanks for taking that piece of crazy off the market!

Love, Autumn

Dear ex:

When she’s walking down the aisle, try not to think about when you saw her cheating on you with another girl. In your bed. It’s not a threesome if you’re not invited–but keep in mind the threesome will probably be invited to your wedding. Specify you don’t want her on your honeymoon, too. Oh, and, thanks for taking that piece of crazy off the market!

No Love, Me

Dear Red Robin,

Thanks for hosting the worst engagement of all time. Was that the first time someone has sunk low enough to get engaged while eating a burger?


Dear Sigma Chi:

For the first time, I can say I truly will miss you tonight. You were there for me when this ordeal ended, and you would be there for me now. I’ll miss your sweaty frat boy hugs, the overwhelming stench of sticky, spilled liquor, and the never ending party you would have thrown for me.

Love, Autumn

Dear Sigma Chi pledges:

I hope you learned to stop listening at closed doors. Though my conversations are pretty hilarious, I’ll give you that. Don’t worry, one day you’ll have enough drama to have closed doors too. That’s what happens when you go to a school of 1,000 people for four years. I hope you’re still making right-angle turns in the library and wearing the worst combination of bow ties and plaid shirts.

Love, Autumn


Dear Nashville:

Thanks for providing the perfect song to play while writing this post. Love, Me


Dear Daddy:

Thanks for putting it all in perspective by simply responding with “Someone sure was watching over you!”


Love, your daughter





Dear readers:

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Love, Me




Bachelor Wk 4: Recap

When Sean thinks watching girls play roller derby will help him find a wife

Change Your Mind: It’s Ok



…miss college for all the interesting, intellectual articles you used to get to read. And for the fun school supplies you used to use to get through those long papers.

…want to do 80 different things with your life.

…to have subsisted on only tomato soup, spinach and cold/flu medicine for the past week.

…to feel like a kid again when you work from home.

…to laugh at yourself when the mechanic tells you that it wasn’t actually the Check Engine light, it was just the tire air pressure warning.

…that this song has been on repeat for three hours and puts things into words better than I could.

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