Domestically Dentally Disabled

I had to go to the dentist yesterday. And I cried like a small child. So much so, that they brought a second hygenist in just to whisper words of encouragement. She told me that “going to the dentist is hard, but I was doing a really good job.” Which of course just made me cry harder. Yes, ladies and gentleman, that’s right. I have a phobia of the dentist. To give you a picture of just how legitimate this was, they offered to help me find a dentist who practices full sedation so I could be knocked out while they work on my teeth.


Fortunately for me, dental disability is not my only fine, fine characteristic. I am also domestically disabled. If you don’t believe me, check out these texts I found from my weekend adventure trying to cook Whiskey Walnut Blondies for the Super Bowl:





Super Bowl Sunday Funday

happy super bowl everyone!!! Let us both celebrate the chance to eat, drink, mingle and watch football as well as mourn the fact that this is the last day of football season.


In my Super Bowl spirit, I have made the following today: pot roast, Walnut Whiskey Blondies and Chili Cheese Dip. I am going to stuff my face. And cheer as loud as I can at the same time.

Whiskey Walnut blondies...coming right up!

Whiskey Walnut blondies…coming right up!

















I. Love. Football. In case you hadn’t noticed.

And of course even if you don’t like football, if you’re American you must love Super Bowl Sunday commercials. Here’s a recap of my favorite Super Bowl commercial ever.

“It’s the hottest fires that make a heart of steel…THAT’S WHO WE ARE. THAT’S OUR STORY.” Best advertising campaign ever. A commercial that didn’t just sell you something, but revitalized and energized an entire city and state. We are Detroit. We are Michigan.

And one day…we’ll be in the Super Bowl and Eminem will be our halftime show. Just kidding.


Have a wonderful Super Bowl Sunday!!!

Saving the World…on a Budget

The idea for this series came to Cade and I while we were volunteering this summer at a spectacular place called WAR (Women At Risk). They help raise women out of sexual slavery, prostitution, and other dangerous situations by teaching them valuable skills and taking them to safe houses. This work is funded by the selling of jewelry in their American-based WAR Boutiques.

While volunteering, Cadey and I were constantly voicing our wishes over how we could buy all this stuff…if only we had the money. Our generation is one of the most philanthropic ever recorded, but most of us 20-25 year olds who wish to be philanthropic simply don’t have the money to do so. We want to save the world, but we just don’t have the money. Thus the phrase “save the world…on a budget” was born. And the idea for this series. This series will help show you how even on the smallest of postgrad border-line-poverty budgets you too can do your part to follow your philanthropic soul and save the world.

First Stop: Save the World in Your Kitchen!

The Kitchen is a great place to start. Mostly, you outfit your kitchen all at once. While preparing to buy your kitchen items, you know there are some signature pieces you have to have: large mixing bowl, ladle, pot holders, pitcher, etc. Before you hop on over to Bed Bath and Beyond, check out your local fair-trade stores to see what they have. Many of them actually have these pieces. So not only are you buying something you need, you’re helping women and children across the world by buying them at a place committed to philanthropic service to others. Here are some great examples of kitchen items you can buy fair-trade.

1. Salad serving utensils

You can find these at WAR for only $10. At Target, these range anywhere from $10-$20. So which would you rather buy?

2. Bowls

Big and small, fair-trade stores have tons of bowls to look at. The ones featured here are from the fair-trade store Ten Thousand Villages, and range in price from $14-$50 (those being the beautiful, beautiful ones that you can use for party serving when you’re trying to impress your boss to give you that raise so you can save the world on a bigger budget).

3.Coffee and Tea

This is by far the easiest one. Really, there’s almost no excuse not to buy fair trade coffee. We all drink it, so make sure you do your part to help the world out. You can order a pound online from Equal Exchange for only $10 (use this super nifty and fun ‘Coffee Finder‘ to figure out which blend is best for you). And good news, all of Starbucks coffees are fair trade. So really, it’s not that hard.

4. Olive oil and Spices

Lots of fair trade stores are now supplying Olive Oil. It’s something you don’t buy often, so when you do, make it fair-trade.

5. Napkins, Tablecloths and Placemats

Even if you don’t buy them all at once, start building your collection. The different patterns will add great pops of color. Check these out.

6. Vases

7. Paper flowers

Check out these from WAR. If you’re going to decoare your kitchen by using pitchers full of fake flowers, consider checking at a fair-trade store first.

8. Hand soaps

Basically, use your head before you buy. There’s a lot of little things we commonly buy, such as these kitchen utensils, that we don’t even think to check for in a fair-trade store. It’s a little move that can make a big difference. Leave us a comment and let us know what other good items you’ve found! What are some of your favorite fair trade stores?

Happy shopping!